The Good, Bad & Ugly

So when you eat sushi what are the tell-tale signs of good fish, I am asked recently by a guest. What do you look for when selecting fish from an array of fish being offered.

The first aspect is the flesh, the surface and the general appearance. In the photo you have two of the same fish, same camera, same period of the year, and so which fish would you choose?

I think it is easy, especially if you see the general appearance of both fish. Horse Mackerel is not supposed to look white, shoyu should not be too dark, the flesh neither dull, pale or lacking the brilliance of fresh domestic Saba. When you see this type of fish, a chef tells you his story, past and present. I am embarrassed to say, the sushi pictured is not good enough to pass by test, while the sashimi below is the perfect quality.