Abarth Multipla Fiat 600


I saw this car, a classic favourite of mine, made by Abarth, founded in Torino by Carlo Abarth in 1949. In 1952 Abarth started to associate with Fiat, in 1958 multipla Fiat 600 came with standard Fiat 633cc motor. This was not sufficient power to move a potential of 6 people and luggage, so Fiat compensated for the low power by changing the final drive ratio of the trans-axle gears to give it the torque of a tractor.

This allowed the car to make it up steep hills but limited top speed to 100kp/h. The net result is that it drives anywhere you want it to and is completely usable in modern traffic. It sat 6 people in 50 centimetres longer than the original Mini Cooper, and until the 1970s it was widely used as a taxi in many parts of Italy.