Anago = sea water eel

I have pictured Anago many times, but I forgot to mention the differences. If you are addicted to Anago, I hope I don’t spoil your bubble. If you eat Anago in New York, where it is imported, it is usually frozen solid. In this case, the Anago is served hot, or warmed in a toaster, or over a fire.

In fact, the Anago served below is never re-heated or warmed over a fire. That makes no sense at all, unless the quality of the fish is inferior. Below are two parts of the Anago, one served with tsume and the other plain.

The white Anago is the part closer to the tail, it has more bones, but you cannot detect the bones as they are invisible in your mouth. These both are served room temperature – balanced perfectly they melt in your mouth.