Project – NukaPaste

It all makes sense, Japanese are so cleaver, we see them as over simplified camera lovers, touristic picture takers, without any real imagination – wrong!

Let me tell you something, Japanese are super refined in so many ways. Their aesthetics are prized all over the globe, even a design genius like Frank Llyod Wright got it. He was inspired and adapted his designs to the Japanese aesthetics. They rarely miss a beat and we are lucky to see it, touch it, grasp it, love it and respect it.

I am now making our own Nukazuke, a bran based paste mixed with salt and other selected ingredients. I needed some Nuka for my project, so I walked into Nature House, an organic shop in Tokyo looking for a bag.

The girls are puzzled until I explain myself, I finally found a bag, and I have no idea if it is good or not. I simply bought it based on Nature House being a good purveyor of many organic products. Surprisingly, when I was checking out, there was on display “ready-made” Nukazuke, you take it home and bury your veggies into the Nukapaste – I was tempted.

The dried Nuka I purchased already contains a culture of active single-celled organisms, mostly lactobacilli and yeasts. I mixed it simply 1:1 Nuka and the water, then added 20% salt based on the total weight. I softened the salt with warm water, added some kombu. I left it rest until it was cooled off and then I mixed it in the container.

I did toast the nuka in a pan giving it some colour and warmth for starting the fermentation, I also splashed a tablespoon or two of beer into the liquid. I will keep it in the house (in a warm place) not too warm to ferment – I will keep you posted. [fingers crossed]