Crow Crap Shoot

“Walk where you’re going” – “I mean watch where you’re going”.

It’s incredible but when you walk you really need to watch, and I mean watch for signs of the most unexpected. Pictured in the photographs, I stopped to discover, above me, high above my head a large oversized black crow.

I looked up in the tree, thinking I would see nothing, and the opposite was true. I tried to snap a photo of the black crow, it was well disguised. Perched directly right above me, as I backed away thinking I could be his next victim, it took off.

In Tokyo these crows can grow as much as a fat cat. You can see that if you would so happen to pass by this narrow route while the bird was doing its business, you would be rather unpleasantly surprised.

Over the last twenty or so years, the crow population in Japan has exploded. They have become an avian menace. Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara was harassed by a crow while playing golf, so he declared all-out war.

Japan’s anti-crow efforts have taken many forms. Some people (mainly in rural areas) have used rifles and shotguns to gun down these black-feathered pests, but those in more urban areas have had to rely on the government to take care of their crow-killing needs. Most government efforts include crow traps, in which crows are captured then killed.

If you think that I am joking about crows watch this video, a young Japanese girl who has trained a Falcon to get crows away from stadium property – ingenious.


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