Fugu et Truffles (Tokyo)

Fugu, a poison fish, yes, should you be afraid, no. The last time I heard about a person expiring after a fugu meal was in Tokyo two years ago. A customer demanded the chef to serve him some liver and he died. It happens, some clients cannot resist the idea of eating the liver, and in some cases the liver is served. In other cases liver is served and substituted.

Last night I had the best fugu experience in my life, after 35 years of eating fugu, I can say “wonderful”. A close friend took us, a well know Japanese actor, he has plenty of experience in life. He knows and understands taste, known for his acting skills and handsome looks, his tongue is sharp. He called and suggested we go to this strange restaurant. I was reluctant but accepted as he has never let me down.

The meal was fugu and black Perigord truffles, French red and white wines, the combination was delightful. Three hours of multiple courses of truffles and virgin olive oil. Sashimi with truffles and French caviar, shirako served with truffles, and “nabe”, the highlight of the meal, served with truffles.

The meal kept going, the truffles kept coming. The food exceptional, the chef and owner operates this restaurant as a hobby. He has the midas touch, I have never had such a new and memorable food combination in a very long time. He promised next time he will have white truffles as we closed the restaurant.