Candy Nose

According to traditional medicine, each of the nostrils relates to certain aspects of our body and mind. The left nostril relates to cooler, more reflective energy, but the right nostril relates to masculine, solar energy, which includes digestion.

If the right nostril is blocked when we wake up in the morning, it means our digestion isn’t working properly, probably as a result of eating heavy foods late in the day or simply too soon before bed. If we eat with faulty digestion, the poorly digested food becomes toxic and can lead to weight gain and low energy. Continually eating with poor digestion then causes us to age prematurely.

On the mornings that you can’t breathe through your right nostril, refrain from eating solid foods in favor of simply consuming liquids like warm water and herbal tea. Then, resume eating when it becomes unblocked. As you gradually regulate your digestion, you will increase your energy and become far more vibrant every day.

FAST FOOD. Oleo y acrílico sobre tabla 160x160cm.

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