“My Way Nattō”

I discovered that many people suffer from the experience of trying fermented Soja beans. We adore Nattō, the health benefits and the super benefits of old-fashioned foods. So if you have a problem in trying it naturally, which is difficult for most, try it “my way Nattō”.

The taste association of Nattō is unlike any other food. It has a tangy taste, a long, gooey, and stringy texture that can stick to anything. When I prepare it I do it in three easy steps;

Step #1. Place Nattō glass bowl – add Spirulina no metal should be used during the whipping process
Step #2. Whip the Nattō and add olive oil, herbs, neggi, shoyu, mustard, dried garlic, paprika, etc
Step #3. Cut avocado and mix it in creating a green mixture – serve



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