“Wagyu down snow” /beef/

Understanding what you are eating is key to learning how to cook at home. Many enjoy the meat in Japan and few understand which cuts are used.Japanese beef of “Obanazawa cow”, the finest gem called “Wagyu down snow”, a well marbled and delicate in taste.

The beef from Obanazawa is excellent, grown in the countryside of Yamagata, it is a place where cows live in nature’s extreme climates. These cows are only female black hair animals and no males are sold: http://www.city.obanazawa.yamagata.jp/3369.html

One of Japan’s three snow falls largest areas, Yamagata Prefecture Obanazawa is an extreme micro climate. In order to protect themselves from the cold of harsh winter, Japanese beef raised here will continue to wear good-quality naturally made fat. The marbling is fine, light, and particular to female heifers.

The meat is soft, taste is rich, superior in balance, it gained a high reputation among Yamagata Prefecture residents.

This meat used for shabu-shabu, is the inside round leg of the cow, as opposed to the chuck eye roll that is used in Sukiyaki.

Matteo Know your cuts when you go to the butcher.

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