Medium-Rare |meat|

I enjoy cooking meat @ home but it gets a little boring after a while. I find myself in a rut, I always use the same techniques to cook meat. The challenge is always to deploy the best cooking techniques, establish flavour preferences, and find the right balance.

When it comes to taste, we sometimes get stuck in channels of taste, what we prefer, what we reference as good taste. Familiarity is an important part of general satisfaction.

This night I used a slight variation to my usual technique. I decided to cook colour the meat, this is tricky, and if you see the finished product sliced (below), it has a 1cm dried crust that was slightly over cooked.

When you colour meat, the maillard reaction can be achieved several ways. In this case I colour the meat by using some red wine reduction and shoyu. In the oven, well in advance of the guests arriving, I cooked it to 47.6 ºC, then rested it, and finally, I  blasted it at the last moment to give it the maillard coloration and some warmth.

IMG_6017IMG_6036 IMG_6038IMG_6038