Koji Shimomura ** et Dom Pérignon

The 2003 Dom Pérignon Rose dinner was prepared by Chef Shimomura san, the owner of Edition, a two star Michelin, a French styled restaurant in Tokyo.

The chef smiles, he explains his first course, passionate, and open to conversation. He uses mostly domestic ingredients, his pigeon is from Ibaraki, his crab locally caught in Hokkaido. He is thorough in his construction of taste, his dishes reflect his way of thinking.

The evening started with plenty of the 2004 Dom Pérignon blanc, a small group of friends, we chatted intensively, shared a presentation of Guerlain scents, and then got ready to sit down for the start of a wonderful vending, a night filled with rose 2003.

If you decide to try Edition, be prepared for “haute couture cuisine”, customized cuisine, the chef adapts foods to his clients preferences. Any great chef, in order to be great must please the population, without some kind of praise, a chef cannot exist in harmony.