Caciocavallo (Puglia)

We met an Italian from Puglia, he explains to us his cheeses, his homeland, his country, his regional tastes, he is proud. Italy produces more than 1200 cheeses and many are known, while some still remain unknown outside of Puglia.

This aged Caciocavallo is a cousin of mozzarella, aged for a year or more, whereas mozzarella is always eaten fresh. Made from the raw milk of Podolica cows, an ancient breed that has come out of favor with dairy farmers due to its low milk yields. A particular taste, notes of cut grass, bitter flowers, vanilla and spices, each region in Italy has its own specific niche in taste, and that is what makes the country so interesting. 

Caciocavallo Podolico is a considered a ‘noble cheese’, not used in the kitchen, eaten on its own, or with bread, or wine to give some body and contrast.

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