Molly’s Nukazuke @ Cambodia

I carried some Nuka bran to Cambodia for chef Molly to try and ferment. While at the airport, I asked permission to carry salt and two bags of Nuka on board. The agent provoked a conversation and was curious why I was carrying Nuka. I explained that I would try to ferment in Cambodia.

We exchanged ideas and we both agreed the challenge would be worthy. In Japan there is humidity, soft water and cold winters where temperatures make some of the finest Tsukemono.

Molly don’t forget to use water that is soft and here is how you prepare the Nukazuke;

1. Nuka – 1 pack 800g
2. Salt – 150g
3. Water – 800cc


  1. Put salt into water and boil the water and then cool.
  2. Add the the salt water (200cc x 4 cooled down) into a non-metal container adding little by little and stir it well to make a soft rice-bran paste.
  3. Keep some rice bran to add as needed.


  • Rub the vegetables with salt and add to the rice bran bed.
  • Use carrots, Cabbage, cucumbers.
  • You should divide the Nuka into two containers after it ferments and add: konbu, ginger or chilli pepper but remove the seeds and leave one container neutral.
  • The longer the veggy has contact with the nuka, the stronger the taste.
  • Cover the container with cheese cloth.
  • Store at room temperature and mix it daily by hand – don’t forget or the Nukazuke will get moldy.
  • Making sure it is moist, a glove can be used to avoid any contamination.