!! /Dengue Fever/ !!

Most people when travelling are not aware of the risks of Dengue Fever, or where this mosquito lives and eats. Recently a friend of ours contracted Dengue in Singapore, where I heard it’s on the rise. The local government tries to keep it hush-hush, even though there are more cases each day.

The dengue mosquito only lives and breeds in urban environments, particularly around people’s homes. It does not live or breed in swamps, creeks or mangroves. While other types of mosquitoes do, the dengue mosquito only lives where there is human blood, and the female dengue mosquito needs to feed on humans to produce eggs.

Dengue mosquitoes thrive in man-made areas because they prefer to lay their eggs in containers found in domestic environments. They only need a small amount of pooled water to lay their eggs as they ‘glue’ their eggs to the side of containers where water is stagnant. It takes 7-10 days for the adults to be ready to feed.

Dengue mosquitoes don’t like to fly far and stay around the immediate vicinity which depends on the availability of human blood and containers to lay their eggs in.



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