Finest Butcher @ Siem Reap

The market in Siem Reap is hardcore and after searching long and hard, I found a butcher in the market that impressed me. A Muslim women tucked away in the corner of a very local market, and no tourists in sight. This is a job only women perform in Cambodia, whereas in most countries it’s exclusively for men.

She is meticulous, very organized, and diligent with her knife. Her apron is clean as she sits in a lotus position trimming beef. Trimming the fat she places it neatly in a pile.

I ask her, “at what age do they slaughter” and she replies “I am not sure”. The cow’s filet is 4kg, so we estimate the cow weighs 60kg. This butcher is the most hygienic I’ve seen after many market visits and I was happy to meet her.