//Green Foods// – video

Can the spice of wasabi neutralize bacteria, the answer is believed to be yes and there is good scientific research to support it. Can the hot chilli peppers have medicinal effects on our gut and prevent certain bacteria’s from forming to toxic levels? I am not sure about it although there is some research that would lean towards yes and no. Clearly our gut adapts to every time and place when we travel, and it is a matter of how much we take in and how much goes out.

Some of us go too far, while others figure out that street foods can poison you or leave your gut with a wrenching pain or worse. I am careful when travelling and adventurous at the same time. I have nothing to prove, I did not and will not try any insects or snakes. I eat all fruits and use what I call proper judgement.

The powers of foods are all different and that is what makes the world go round. In you live in New York’s upper east side, you are unlikely to try the green juice made from local leaves.


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