Fast Bread

I decided to start making bread at home. I am not a baker but I have some experience under my belt. I used to make bread daily until I started to eat too much bread. Bread making can intimidate the best of us, it is a science, a well measured bread is a good bread, or you can just wing-it like I do.

Scalable Recipe for bread;

-400 grams of flour – bread flour it’s called in Japan.
-62% water
-1% dry yeast
-2 whole eggs
-Pinch of salt
-I add 25% Fresh Cream to the spinning cycle
-table spoon of Canadian maple syrup

I never spin quickly and I never add any flour if my mixture is too wet. Once I let the dough rest between cycles, cover it and come back for a final spin. At the ;art time, I add a very tiny drop of oil down the side of the bowl to give the dough a shine during the last cycle of spinning.

I proof the bread twice and then bake 50 minutes at 180°C. I do add a bowl of water to the oven to give some moisture and this works. You can see the stretch marks on the surface of the bread as the gluten works hard.

In my recipe, I never really measure ingredients but I do measure the flour and water to make sure I don’t over add liquid. The last tip, I put the water and the flour without the salt into the bowl and mix it with a spoon. I let it sit for 20 minutes and the dough gets more complex aromas.

The end result is a good loaf of bread. By the way, a little secret is I cook the bread in the stainless steel bowl I use for proofing the bread. The reason is; I want to keep the bread nicely shaped and if you remove it from the bowl, it often gets damaged. To remove the bread, you’ll need a flexible spoon to get under the bread and release it from the sides of the bowl. You do this as soon as you take it out of the oven and rest it on a rack.



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