Ise Shrine

The wonders of nature, the process of building and re-building embodies the very nature of nature and shintoism.Every twenty years the shrine is de-constructed and reconstructed. This seems futile for the average person who doesn’t understand the meaning behind it.

The process of passing along knowledge and understanding that impermanence and recursiveness is a processes, that is not a single event such as a monument that is constructed once. Repetition, living in harmony with nature is not something new in Eastern cultures, while in the west we struggle over ownership of god.

Eastern philosophy actually stems from meditative disciplines, and thus is more experience based rather than pure intellectual creation. Thus it takes us through an experience to know the truth for ourselves, whereas Western philosophy is mostly based on logic and reasoning, as it tries to make sense of the world around us while ignoring time. Here non-human entities such as animals, plants, and inanimate objects or phenomena, possess a spiritual essence. The carpentry is sublime, no nails or glue, just raw 400,000 tonnes of wood used to construct it.


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