white rice – video

Many people eat rice and never think twice about it, or others ignore rice due to the poor variety and quality available in their local markets. There is no doubt in my mind that Japanese reigns as superb, and their rice quality varies in many degrees.

Rice is culture and it isn’t about the mass-produced rice you’ll find in your local supermarket abroad, to rice that is cooked and kept all day in a pot.

I detest low quality rice, or rice that is cooked improperly. I don’t mean to sound snobbish but when you taste supreme rice, it becomes obvious. The silky quality, the non gluten of rice that is sticky like gluten is mind expanding. You breath when you eat a fine rice, it warms your soul, feeds your body and gives you the energy to think!

This rice pictured: Yumegokochi from Yamagata Prefecture and is considered to be high quality. If you have an interest in rice you must not skimp on the price. A good rice is limited production (similar to wine) and it can get very costly depending on the farming techniques deployed.

In most cases a decent rice will cost in excess of $25/kg and go as high as $100+. I know it sounds insane, but it is only as good as your understanding and general point of reference. If you are interested in rice you will need time and patience to learn, just as it does with wine.