Chökhor Raptse Dzong @ Tronska – video

A remarkable Dzong and one of many in Bhutan, most visitors are deceived by the numbers and would seem to think they are very similar. In fact they all have their own character, and they are all very different to one another.

Built in 1644, used to be the seat of power of the Wangchuck dynasty before it became rulers of Bhutan in 1907. Traditionally the King of Bhutan first becomes the Trongsa Penlop (governor) before being named Crown Prince and eventually King.

Built on a mountain spur high above the gorges of the Mangde Chhu, the dzong controlled east-west trade for centuries. The only road connecting eastern and western Bhutan still passes through the Tronksa but in the past it passed through the courtyard of the dzong. At the command of the Governor massive doors could be shut, dividing the country in two.