Monk’s Path @ Tigers Nest – video

We started at 19h00 to make our way up the mountain to Tigers Nest in Paro. Walking on the normal trail, a local passed by and started to talk with me. He asked me, “would like to take a short cut to the middle ground, it will take only 25 minutes”. I thought sure, if I can cut off 30 minutes and get their by a short cut – great!

It was what they call the Monk’s trail, steep as hell, as I followed the local. He walked like a trance dancer, without any real effort. I was panting like hell, he asked, “how old are you” and I replied, “what do you think”, and he said seventy to eighty, I said, “oh yes”.

Trying to keep up, we walked this narrow passage where the Tibetan Monks walked to the monastery.There are two imprints, one from his staff and the other a foot print.


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