Ash @ State Street

The first vendor we noticed was a native American named Ash Cornejo, she was selling herbal remedies on the street side. While we were there for the organic market, we talked with her to understand her products better.

Her father, a Yaqui Indian, she spent a portion of his twenties living in the mountains in a teepee, with a palomino horse, a spider monkey, and a girlfriend named Starshine who lived the next hill over in her own teepee.

“I largely blame my enchantment with the mountains and all of their medicinal and edible treasures on my father’s wild, glorious tales of his carefree, hippie life in the mountains, collecting wild herbs and berries as treats, playing guitar next to bubbling streams, and mostly, the deep, personal relationship he had with those mountains and the plants that grew upon them”.

The products are picked from the surrounding mountains nearby Santa Barbara in the Santa Ynez Mountains – it can’t be more organic and pure.



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