Frying Eggplants|recipe

Frying eggplant is one of the trickiest things given they tend to drink up oil making them soagy and difficult to digest. But an eggplant properly fried is lighter than you think. It is about process and technique and the eggplant will be light and a crispy exterior.


It is best to use black-skinned eggplants for the best taste-skin on.

Slice the eggplant vertically, as crosswise slices would let the eggplant fibers soak up the oil.

Start by cutting a skin slice at the outer edge and discard it, then proceed with further vertical slices until you reach the other end.

Rub each slice with salt on each side (fine salt is best) and use plenty of salt and then keep the aubergine slices in a colander for 40 minutes. You’ll see big drops of water form on the aubergine – that’s eggplant juice drawn out by the salt.

Then wash each slice under running water and rub it, squeeze, strain, then wash again.

Now for the frying; olive oil virgin heat in a deep-frying pan. Bring the temperature below smoking point 180°C.

Then rest eggplant slices one by one in the hot oil and do not let the oil heat enough to start smoking. Check the bottom side of the eggplant until they are nicely browned, then turn them upside down to cook the other side.

Remove the now cooked eggplant slices and lay them on absorbent non perfumed paper to remove as much oil as possible – blotting is key or the eggplant is too greasy.


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