“Joshu, not Joshua” /wagyu/

The wagyu breed in other countries is all cross-breed and is not 100% pure bred, so if you pay for fatty beef from Australia, America or elsewhere, forget it.

Premier meat, Joshu a place where premier meat grows in Gunma prefecture, north of Tokyo. So what makes wagyu so special, it’s the fat and the low melting point of the fat compared with all other beef fat. It literally melts in your mouth like chocolate, and it is flavorful, mild in taste and balanced perfectly with plenty of oleic acid. Oleic acid is found in olive oils and is rich in omega-9 fatty acid, and as such is considered one of the healthier sources of fat in the diet.

The Japanese cows live in Japan, eat and drink clear in Japan and there is no place like home. The sweet water from the tone river is a favorite for the cows, the source of the Tone River is at Mount Ōminakami.

The cows are brushed to promote blood circulation and are kept in immaculate condition at all times. They do not drink beer but are fed beer hops, wheat, corn, soya bean meal and hay. The diet has been carefully studied over years to optimize the cows balance and mass. The meat is bright red in comparison to other Japanese meat. These cows do not graze at all and spend most of their life in a comfortable pens and are protected from all-weather elements.

Each cow must reach 450kg (28 months old) before being ready for the abattoir, and if you visit an abattoir in Japan they are treated with the same perfection as a hospital, and even better. There is no stench at all, white coats, hairnets, protective covers for all shoes, and gloves, and any off odors are considered offensive.

After the cows get graded, they are hung in a chiller waiting before going to auction. The “rankers” those professional grading the beef, peering into the carcass; a slit is opened, and the grading is done by sight only. The grading is from C1 to A5 the top grade. By the way, all Bovine are checked for radiation and mad cow disease.