Spinach Pasta|recipe

The earliest mention of ravioli appears in the writings of Francesco di Marco, a merchant of Prato in the 14th century. In Venice, the mid-14th-century manuscript Libro per cuoco offers ravioli of green herbs blanched and minced, mixed with beaten egg and fresh cheese, simmered in broth, a recipe that would be familiar today save for its medieval powdering of “sweet and strong spices”. source wikipedia.


500gr flour
200gr spinach leaves

olive oil
3 eggs
butter sage – optional

Place the stemmed spinach leaves in a blender and add the oil until smooth.

Combine the eggs with the flour in a kitchen aid bowl and mix until you get a crumbly mixture.

Add a third of the spinach mixture, and be careful not to add too much liquid, add the liquid little by little.

Knead until smooth and silky and run it through a pasta machine or hand-roll it laminating the pasta to get a consistent texture, smooth and shiny: http://mesubim.com/2014/05/16/lasagna-dough

You can decide what filling you prefer to use; cheese and a hint of nutmeg works best but be careful when you make your filling, as it should contrast, or compliment the spinach and not over power it.