Nattō Superfood

Discussing superfoods with Olly the owner of the health and elixir bar “kotoku” in Santa Barbara, I learned that the idea of Nattō is not a popular notion around here. But when you think how hard-core Californians are for fermented foods, this is one of the best.

Nattō is one of our family’s favorite foods, and for most beginners it is difficult to eat, as texture and taste are both hard and slimy, all at the same time.

I created this dish a year ago and it pleases all beginners. In order to soften the blow, I start with the Nattō and spin it in a bowl adding; spirulina, neggi to activate the Nattō-kinase, virgin olive oil for a shine, dashi, mustard, shoyu, avocado and spices. The end result is an amazing super food, perhaps the best around.


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