Maude Part III – L.A.

Maude’s experience was overall very good, a restaurant where many faces are seen. The chef isn’t present, or at least I didn’t meet him. The counter, or chef’s table is an interesting seat, yet you are captured by the chef wiping the rims of the dishes before they go out, and giving the final touches.

The duck breast I tasted and we stopped well before the last three course, it was too much food. The wine list is very good, not special but well thought out. Plenty of interesting and fairly priced wine for avid drinkers.

We enjoyed the Dirler Sylvaner 2011, a great glass of minerality and backed up by fruit and crispness that cut through. It was a good balance to the first three course, whipped rhubarb, chicken wing, asparagus and the branzino.


(93+ Points)

The next wine we selected was a choice red wine, an Italian Barolo, Cannubi from Rinaldi, 2007. This wine was smashing good, it had great fruit, aged to perfection, and it lingered with classical Italian nebbiolo fruit.


(96+ Points)

The dinner continued with the sommelier offering us some pairing wines and at last we decided to half it, a sauternes, Doisy Daëne, a honey orange concentrated freshness, it was a good finish to a lovely dinner.

I recommended a visit to Maude, it is quaint, non pretentious, but a little staff friendly fussy and is perfect for those that enjoy good solid cuisine fairly priced, value for money @ $80/person including wine pairing.


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