Maude L.A. – Part II

I won’t take you through a detailed play by play of the food at Maude because. I apologize my photos do not do any justice to the experience. There were 10 courses and so here are a few thoughts.

The first impression is always the most important, and the amuse was not what I expected, or desire, a pink foam with a rich sorbet styled gelato, a combination. It was something I’d seen before, cucumber sorbet with flowers, but it was very well executed, the taste was super, and the combination balanced and flavorful. The monthly theme is Rhubarb so it was pink, what you’d expect.

The next dish, a dazzling starter, the decoration a little contrived, they called it an escabeche, but as far as I know escabeche is usually cooked, and not served raw.

Santa Barbara shrimps, large in size, the head was cooked to perfection, seared, the seafood was uber fresh, and the body was cut up, served raw in a juice with cilantro and shavings of rhubarb. It was well-balanced again, not any tangy or harsh citrus flavors.

This dish was excellent, the preparation of the head was done just right, I was able to separate the cranial shell and scoop out the brains, watching them lather my dish. In a dish like this freshness really counts, or it is a disaster.