Quai Voltaire & Amiot Guy 2010|Paris

Go to Paris, eat, drink and smile with the fantastic June weather. This time I decided to re-enter my “old days” and go to Quai Voltaire, a typical crusty French bistro located in the 7 arrondissement. The night is perfect, the sun sets in Paris at 22h00, and the best part of the evening is watching the sky. A rose-colored dream, a blue back drop and shadows of white jet streams scattered.

The restaurant is what I call “stuffy”, a bistro with a French edge, mixed service and mediocre cuisine at best. The atmosphere is sweet, tables are squished together and corridors are narrow for the waiters dressed in white jackets.

We order crab frais, a good choice and bar de ligne carpaccio. The food is not nearly as good as the 250g of butter on the table. I scoop butter onto the ultimate French bread, and I think it’s the butter that makes it all good.

The disaster is the wine, the 2010 is cooked, stewed fruit and undrinkable. Sadly it happens but I am not sure why; is it the storage or the vinification – I will try this wine again.