St. Pierre @ Tinos /genus Zeus/

Luck is a matter of who you know, not only the luck of the draw, and today was our lucky day!

Today I had a call to race to the Ferry and pick up a package. It was a Styrofoam box (as attached) with two bottles atop, inside a perfect fish inside, wild caught St. Pierre, our most favorite Aegean fish.

St Pierre has a large dark spot, and long spines on the dorsal fin. The dark spot is used to flash as an ‘evil eye’ if any danger approaches, it zaps it away.

Its large eyes at the front of the head provide it with binocular vision and depth perception, which are important for predators. The fish’s eye spot on the side of its body is also used to confuse its prey, which get scooped up in its big mouth and small teeth.

Thank you A/A :-).