Dinning Out @ One Story

These guys are foodies, yes they are, a small group, high-class, educated and sophisticated. The premier chef of the event is Aronia de Takazawa, a fantastic chef, a great guy, he and his wife operate a small four table restaurant in Tokyo.

The “Dining Out – Outdoor restaurant for a limited time only” expresses the beauty of nature and of the traditional culture of various regions in Japan in a new style. The third event was held at the Daizen Shrine, Sado, Niigata Prefecture for three days.

The food culture of various parts of Japan contains the history and culture of each land. Dining Out is a project of time-limited outdoor restaurant, popping out at a place symbolizing charm of the land most. There superior ingredients, that are harvested in a hometown, transform in the hand of the first-class cook with an interpretation rebuilding traditional value to stay on the land.