Borse Istanbul

You are probably familiar with Pastrami, an American deli food found in most New York deli restaurants. But when it comes to the real deal, its Turkish Pastırma, the root of seasoned air-dried cured beef and not quite the same as the American pepper cured and soaked brisket.

Fighting the traffic we arrived on the 4th floor of Istinye Park’s luxury high-end mall, where you buy lingerie, or Louboutin shoes at $1500 a crack. Walking up to the 5th floor you find Borse serving plenty of carnivores. The Turkish claim to be the best mixed meats experts in the region and certainly when it comes to quality there is no real comparison to Borse, one of Turkey’s finest meat restaurants.


The menu is interesting and has so many specialties to choose from, but you must be hungry. The Bal Harbour styled Miami setting, white tables cloths and plenty of well dressed Turkish waiters makes you feel at home. The service is bang on and the food as well, all very clean and cooked to perfection.


We are less adventurous as its late in the day, so our appetite was restricted to a mixed BBQ of Turkish meats. The seasoning is precise, not too spicy, nor too sweet, just right. The late lunch is a success with a few other items from the menu such as the incredible roasted eggplant.

Borse and restaurant Beyti could be easily rated one star Michelin.