Eggplants Baladi

A common denominator in so many households around the globe, an eggplant’s interior should be white and not green, or plagued with thousands of seeds. One of the most popular fruit species commonly used in Greece, is an eggplant species with a seedy-meat, that many tavernas’ make a Melanzana salad, a Greek cold eggplant salad, and its rarely white. More often it is prepared too far in advance and by deploying the wrong cooking technique and consequently it is dark, seedy and preserved with too much vinegar.

If you travel to Arab countries, this dish is best prepared with a “baladi” eggplant, an Arabic word which roughly translates to “indigenous or local, according to my sources. Traditionally Arabs use “wild” eggplants which have minimal seeds and superb flavor.

The baladi eggplants are not so smaller to Greek eggplants you typically find, and are usually about half the size. They’re squat and have grooves extending from the base towards the top of the fruit.

When you next decide to make eggplant salad thick twice about the raw materials.