St.Gallen Sternen Bratwurst

I have been enjoying bratwurst in Zürich for nearly 40 years and in the past the best quick bratwurst was served behind Jelmoli, a shop that has since closed and replaced with more retail.

The stand was operated by a chic looking gentlemen, he wore sunglasses at all times, dressed in a white jacket, he either offered pork or beef.

The pork sausage is darker, an obvious sausage made with ground pork, while the veal is made by blending milk and eggs with local pork and veal to create a creamy white consistency.

The taste at Sternen is not much different as you smother the bratwurst’s tip into senf (mustard) a ritual when enjoying bratwurst. Each other bite is accompanied by a bite of Bürli brot, bread that is fermented for two days that requires finger muscle to tear it, and finally a sip of cold beer to finish it off with a smile.


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