Toyo Paris Restaurant

On a Parisian side street, I entered the restaurant’s entrance, a quaint feeling, a well lite painting illustrating a Japanese chef at work. I had the impression I was walking into a serious restaurant with a classically trained chef. While these types of staged entrances used to be common in Japan, they are now considered somehow passé, but I still appreciate old school.

Toyo Nakayama formerly the personal chef to fashion designer Kenzo, he is a small framed person with a quiet demeanor. The chef spends most of the night with his back turned to the counter obsessing over his grill, its immaculate while he fusses to keep it free of grease.

The main issues I have with his cuisine is the use of a gas torch used to finish foods by scorching them with temperatures nearing 2,000+°C. The blow torch is a good tool but is unsuitable for working with fish and even unhealthy.


I was excited about the experience until I watched the young Japanese chefs working, showing off, super fast cuts on the mandolin, sloppy work, the chef’s knife not properly placed, neither cleaned routinely.

The cuisine at Toyo in short is nice at best, too many dishes with the same theme, champignon de Paris was thinly sliced with foie gras, a nice touch, a good dish. But the mushroom theme was used again and again and became boring. My guess is, the mushroom idea is taken from the recipe book of Pascal Barbot but I am not sure.

The quality of the raw materials they used were good and the end result is too much fuss and attention, yet not enough in the execution, and a mediocre experience although I would give it a second chance.

17 Rue Jules Chaplain, 75006 Paris France
T: +33 1 43 54 28 03