Trattoria Masuelli – video /Milan/

The first days in Milan the debate is where to eat. Milan has more and more of those trendy restaurants popping up all the time to accommodate the demanding travelers needs. Calssical Italian food is on the “outs” and is being replaced by new generational chefs. So after a few options and some email discussions, it was decided to go to Trattoria Masuelli, a trattoria that was founded several generations ago and still manages to fight the changes.

There is plenty say about the owner who still works with his wife and their son, who is the chef. The contrast between new and old, the son has his own ideas but as he says, “papa guides me” and it still seems very much the truth, as well as guiding the clients through the menu.

This trattoria falls into the likes of Stostanza in Florence, and Chez L’Ami Louis in Paris and is a place that still hosts the locals who appreciate slow foods. They serve the Selezione di affettati salumificio Pernigotti a producer of traditional cured meats near the village of Carezzano in Piedmont.


The Acciughe cantabriche, aringhe e burro is a signature dish and seems to fit right into the opinion of owner.


Sipping the wine of Masuelli we laugh and joke with the owner, and his son appears and makes the evening all very charming and add to the character and experience of a classical trattoria, and there is something to be said for slow food and people who respect tradition.