“Brew Up”

Waling into a mess in the city of Alba, I encountered the third weekend of October and massive crowds. In trying to navigate myself to through the crowds, I found this tap beer, made by Brew Up.

The brewery “Brew Up” is a micro-enterprise project shared, born with the aim of producing high quality craft beers’, using the production facilities in the area and distributing them in a sustainable manner along supply chains.

Brew Up manufactures in the vicinity of the Piedmont in order to optimize the investments of others and give value to the network segment, to share expertise and knowledge. Brew Up is a project born within the Officine Corsare, a political and social alternative after the 2009 student protest movements in defense of the public University. Closely linked to local facts the Corsare way of stands for self-organization while trying to extend its action in many directions like sustainability, culture, rights and common goods, and in this social and political context that is developed.


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