Vitello Tonnata @ Antica Torre

We are never bored to go to Antica Torre in Barbaresco, the owner Maurizo, a cool guy, we kibbutz as he covers plenty of ground serving tourists and locals. This restaurant has been one of our favorites since we first started coming here and people travel long distances to go there. This day the weather was perfect, not perfect for truffles, a late October Indian summer day, where you can sit in the courtyard outside.

The likes of tuna and fish, I would guess that it doesn’t work, but how wrong could I be. It is prepared by braising a piece of veal from the back leg called Eye Round, which is then cooled and cut into thin, slices.

For the sauce well that is a trade secret and many restaurants keep it under their belts and prefer not to share the proportions and raw materials added. While some use egg yolks, others prefer not to use any. In the end, the best vitello is not smothered in the tuna sauce as you see here.