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A drive through the village of Canale enroute to Alba for the slow food fair, we stopped at Davide Palluda for lunch. His restaurant L’Enoteca di Canale has been going for almost 20 years and is still going strong.

The gourmet restaurant itself is located upstairs above a rather awkward entrance to a very nice calm dinning room, you feel as if you walked into a zen space. Sitting at a table is a well dressed client, who takes the time to photograph each dish.

Davide greets us and smiles as he describes his restaurant style as black and white after his soccer team Juventis. I believed him and we decided that a kitchen visit would be best after service. Just a note to self, I visit almost each and every kitchen where I eat and in the last 25 years only one Japanese chef refused us.


The kitchen is very clean and well-organized and the food at Davide’s restaurant is straight forward, a menu that’s easy to choose from with numerous dishes of interest. Today was quiet just a few tables but the sun was shinning though their large restaurant windows, making us feel welcomed.

Like many restaurants in this region, they serve white truffles, pasta tajarini, carne cruda and other locals dishes. I admit that after a while you can get fed up, or bored by eating the same foods, except white truffles. In fact the closest fish port is a few hours away, or you could consider Milan’s fish market as an option, so fish is scarce around here.

This dish is unusual and is made with seirass a word that refers to serum, or whey in Latin and in the Piedmont dialect it means clustering cottage cheese. This dish covers fruits and vegetables in the white whey with some drizzled olive oil.


The next dish was a beef ravioli served in brodo, a broth made from meat, a typical type of dish yet David’s is very good and is 100% beef.


The pan seared sword fish with crispy skin and cauliflower was tender and had a glaze of reduction from meat stock.


The cuisine at Davide’s restaurant is more diverse than others we tried these past weeks, and his cooking is between contemporary and classical, with a hint of molecular techniques. We recommend a visit to Davide’s restaurant to enjoy Piemonte’s regional cuisine with good service and excellent local wines.

When it came to the dessert we tried several and they are all very good decorated with silver for a change.


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