Oscar 18 /a.k.a/ “oskee”

We first met Oscar 18 years ago in Paris, he arrived in a cardboard box, a gift for my wife. At the time we were spending time in Paris and learned the ins-outs of European lifestyle. Oscar traveled around the globe although never to Tokyo, he was very well-traveled and had his fair share of Parisian lifestyle.

Oscar was a small dog relatively speaking, his noble grey and beige coat, his majestic demeanor, if you thought of him as a “little man” he was, but he had the bite of a big dog. Oscar had his fair share of licks and he loved our family and friends, he was very popular everywhere he went.


He would snuggle or stay for hours and soak up the sun in Greece, or he bark and try to bite anyone who didn’t belong in his space. Once upon a time, we were skiing in Lech, and he nipped the doorman who carried firewood to our room – he was brave.

One time in Paris some one on the street tried to kick him, and they took a kick in return. Another time he took the nose of a family member, he thought he was as small and cute dog, which he was. But don’t mess with the “little man” because Oscar made himself clear.

Oscar would lounge beside our daughter as a baby – no one would dare to touch him, as his snap was fierce, or he would go under the covers and find his comfort place.

A gentle soul, a sweet dog, he had a mind of his own, and he adored our children and would spend endless hours cuddling them.

He lived until his 18th birthday and waited until he finally connected with his beloved, a person that carried him, walked him and adored him more than anything else. She was there when he arrived and when he departed, in her loving arms.

Oscar was a strong and sensitive dog and almost died one trip when he found a chicken bone at a friend home that eventually punctured his stomach. He recovered and continued to live on with excellent health.

He was laid to rest yesterday, a perfect dog, a dog that we adored and will always have a special place in our hearts – may this sun always shine on his warm heart and don’t forget Oscar, go to the rainbow bridge.

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