Le Baratin Paris /restaurant/

I hadn’t been brave enough to go back after my last visit but it should be added to the list for wine lovers, a small counter and a few tables and a bar counter owned by partners “Pinouche” Philippe Pinoteau and Raquel Carena, who creates the cuisine.

I was introduced by a regular and that helps, we sat at the front of the restaurant near the counter at the window side. Squeezed into the corner, it was of the last times I saw our beloved friend Frederic who since passed.

Be sure to go to the right Baratin as there are more than one. You’ll know you are the right place if you look across the street and see a strange gallery, if you could call it that.


3 Rue Jouye-Rouve, 75020 Paris
T.01 43 49 39 70