Pantelleria Products /capers/

Pantelleria the ancient Greek Kossyra is a small Italian island in the Strait of Sicily in the Mediterranean. The wild nature there brings many memories of the Greek islands and more. It is a stunning landscape with richness that you find only on islands.

These are salted and the process takes two to three weeks. When the buds are pickled mustard oil is released from the bud, which gives the capers we buy their distinctive taste.

An elongated caper berry also known as a caper fruit forms after the plants flowers. These can be eaten as they are or preserved in salt (from Trapani) and enjoyed in dry martinis or just as they are.

The Sicilian salt from Trapani is incredible and luscious as the hot African winds, long, sun-drenched summer days and shallow coastal waters are perfect recipe for salt-making. The salt making goes back to the Phoenicians 2,700 years ago and today, the very same conditions are still being put to good use in the salt pans between Trapani.

Remember capers that you cook with, or use in salads, should always be rinsed well and let to dry without squeezing them. This is a slow food provider.