Pizza Pie /?/ – video

The word “pizza” is thought to have come from the Latin word pinsa, meaning flatbread although there is much debate about the origin of the word. A legend suggests that Roman soldiers gained a taste for Jewish Matzoh while stationed in Roman occupied Palestine and developed a similar food after returning home.

I can’t get out of my mind the pizza course at slow food, it was the most unusual display of pizza in a strange way. I guess I am too traditional when it comes to pizza and that’s probably because I am not Italian. In Naples they refer to the pizza as the pasta, and no one really cares too much about the toppings.

This pizza pasta was so out of place I had a hard time to enjoy it, the crust was too hard and it was more like bread.


I am sorry but this is not the type of pizza pie I am thinking about. The use of scissors, etc. makes it seem all too commercial. This pizza is basically revolting and I cannot see how or why it makes food sense: pizza, prosciutto and mascarpone cheese topped with figs – holly !@#$!