Anchovy Sicily /supplier/

I adore anchovy in every possible way and there aren’t as many fish that are so versatile. These anchovy producers are among a many from Italy and located in Sicily they have access to migrations in the Strait of Sicily. Italy isn’t the only country to produce high quality sea foods, in Spain they produce an excellent quality and variety.

Because Galicia enjoys almost 1,500 kilometers of coastline, seafood makes up a large part of the local diet; everything from fish to crabs to mussels are found in most kitchens. One of the most interesting Galician sea foods are Percebes. These barnacles attach themselves to dangerous, rocky cliffs that are battered by incoming tidal waves. To eat them, you cut off the “goose neck” with your front teeth just below the base of the beaky head. Discarding the tube, you enjoy their juicy insides that sometimes a blast of the sea’s tides.



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