Nori “object of desire”

There are numerous types and qualities of Nori as there are most things in Japan. I purchased this nori yesterday, high-end quality and individually packaged for freshness. If you see the container it is a tin type material, and at the top is a plastic cover and a small plastic insert, a razor guided tool to cut the top seal – only in Japan.


The culture of marine algae, primarily for human consumption is a large and expanding industry in Japan. The culture of nori and seaweed dates back 500 years or more, people in Japan have advanced it beyond a western level of comprehension. Think about it, when Americans/Canadians were developing fast food, Japan was still thriving on slow foods and umami flavors.

At the present time, the growing and harvesting of Porphyra, “nori,” is considered to be one of the most profitable fisheries in Japan. In contrast, seaweed culture is still in a research phase in the United States and is mainly due to the fact that few Americans eat the plants as such.

The farming of seaweeds is a growing business and they are now able to artificially “seed” nets through the controlled culture, which in turn releases the spores to attach onto the nets in the sea. It provides a means of growing nori in regions which had experienced a shortage in natural spores, especially in western Japan.

Think about it, the west is rather barbaric still and fashions food as an “object of desire”, while in the East, it’s still a matter of meaningful tradition and nutrition.