Tender Octopus – video

You’ve heard of fishermen slapping the octopus on a rock, whipping it, smashing it to make it tender. Octopuses have no bones but a lot of hard muscles which have to be tenderized. The first thing fishermen do in Greece when they catch an octopus is to keep beating it on rocks or on the shore, if there are no rocks, for about 40 – 50 times. All the fibers break apart and the octopus is tender and succulent.

Unfortunately this is not the best way to tenderize octopus because it destroys the outer layer and mangles the octopus’ physical appearance. The octopus has no internal or external skeleton and if you can believe it 3 hearts. To cope with the low oxygen levels, the octopus maintains a constant high blood pressure using three hearts. Two of the hearts pump oxygen-rich blood through the gills, while the third circulates it through the rest of the body.

So how should I clean my octopus? The answer is very simply, take sea salt and salt it thoroughly, and then wash it by a fast action in a metal bowl until it is foamy white. Empty the container and begin again and repeat multiple times. This way you tenderize it without destroying the outer layers, or breaking and scaring the muscle fibers.