Aged Beef 48°C /sous vides/

I purchased this piece of aged dried beef and discovered that sous vides will work in optimizing the cooking process. The evenness 100% and the meat was fatty, yet the fat was evenly distributed and cooked throughout.

I removed the meat after 45 minutes at 48°C and let it dry off in the fridge. The meats thickness helped the meat to cook correctly and I flattened it slightly from 3cm to 1.8 after I vacuumed it.

I removed it from the fridge /2/ hours prior to cooking to let it rest and it was ready to be cooked. This meat is rather fatty so the resting period (prior to cooking) at room temperature is key.

Unfortunately no photos of the finished meat but the searing surprised me. It took a very shirt time to get colored and the surface was not burned or blistered. Sometimes if meat is too fatty the temperature above 150°C can blister the fat. This meat seared with an intense and unusual color.

I de-glazed it with some aged mirin and later seasoned it with salt pepper. There was no juice from the meat, so I presume the aging helped dehydrate the beef. The quality of the beef was amongst the best I have tasted in Japan and did not seem too fatty or heavy.