Yagyunosho /Part III/ – |onsen| – video

You cannot get tired a ryokan and especially when you visit Yagyu-no-sho’s onsen. The air is filled with a cool mist, the greys light up, and the greens begin to come alive. The extraordinary feeling of luxury in nature is truly a unique experience, it encompasses a feeling of being re-vitalized – an electric charge is set free.

You walk the open corridors, the ground is wet and splattered with leaves from fall trees. The light seems somber and it is, but you begin to feel warm inside your body. The cool air is outside, as it settle in, you begin to anticipate the onsen’s warmth.


Arriving to the onsen, you find a small stand with some refreshing beverages, one is water and the other is a grape vinegar juice, a splendid Japanese concoction that suits the experience – its freshness tingles your tongue.


The onsen is heightened by its atmosphere, a place where you purify, washing before you enter the onsen, you’re fresh and ready for a new water experience. You have the option of staying inside, or venturing outside to the outdoor onsen.

The outside air is brisk, you begin to cool down but you are steaming hot from the pre-shower. You step outside, the colors are bright and reflections around you. You begin to feel anxious, the rocks under your feet are cool, as you approach the onsen.

Stepping onto the large rock you enter into the onsen, it is quiet, no one dares to speak, but this time we are all alone. Submerged into the hot water source as you begin to warm up, a soothing effect settles.


The silence is golden, falling water behind us and birds above sing in unison, you begin to fall into a state of complete relaxation. Sitting back in the water we soak watching the sky above. The rain falls, we feel as if we are in heaven, a truly unique experience.