Paradise Alley /Kamakura Bakery/

Everyday Mesubim experiences something new and we try to share it with our faithful readers. We try to travel and see and do interesting things.

Next week another trip, a small train ride to see visit some old grounds. Yesterday we went to the organic market in Kamakura, struggling with local traffic it took 1h45 from Tokyo, a longer trip than expected.

At the market we purchased a few items but arrived late due to traffic and the selection was scarce. After the market we discovered a small bakery baking charcoal Focaccia, and to our surprise its made with sumi, the charcoal used in traditional cooking.


After some time talking with the owner (a charming baker) we managed to get a sample of his 7-year-old mother. Luckily and generously he shared a small quantity with us, and I carried it home and began to feed it. An interesting mother..