Pizza Blisters

We adore Pizza so last night we ventured off to try a new pizzeria in Tokyo. An ex-chef from Savoy pizzeria, we drove to Omote Sando’s back streets in search of Charlie’s pizzeria. After some twists and turns we stumbled upon it.

The fresh gooey dough has wonderful aromas, you gets whiffs of it at the counter. We sat opposite the pizzaiolo who works with his puffy dough, and there are plenty of bubbles which means the dough has been stretched gently and handled correctly.

Those big toasted bubble shows the person who handled the dough has done it intentionally. People think bubbles are an imperfection but they are just the opposite. To me it’s character and it can be caused by a couple of things; usually carbon dioxide expelled by the yeast—the last gasp of a particularly tenacious yeast cells.

If you under-knead the pizza dough, the gluten’s don’t hold together and the crust won’t have enough texture. Conversely, if you over-knead you get a sinewy dough that doesn’t stretch right – think long fermentation and slow action for the yeast to thrive.